There was a time when I thought the term radical meant a person who was unreasonable, maybe even crazy. A radical was always one of “those people” that you didn’t want to associate with. There may even have been times when I would have thought radicals should be contained or watched. Radicals were the people who would say things that you didn’t say in gatherings of polite people. I was so wrong, I was naïve. As I watch society slowly go down the road of communism (yes, I know most would say its just socialism) I now see that I have become the radical. But what is it that makes me a radical? First, I believe our country is on the wrong track and I hold an opinion that is contrary to what the government says. That is strike one against me. I believe that all people should have the right to speak and assemble, much like is laid out in that old document, the United States Constitution. That is strike two. I believe I can make choices as to what drugs are put into my body and I question the safety of a vaccine that has been created and put into distribution faster than any other in history. With this third strike I risk being banned on most mainstream social media platforms. And with those three things I would be labeled a radical by the government or “big tech” overlords who seem to be working together to destroy any bastions of dissent. Some in conservative circles say what we need to do is protest. To have our grievances heard in courts and push harder in elections “next time.” But, I hold the radical view that traditional protesting can no longer bring any change at all. The courts have shown to be part of a deep state apparatus, determined to maintain the status quo for our government oligarchs. And elections for anything of consequence has a predetermined outcome that is unaffected by the number of actual votes; its all rigged. What is left? I admit I’m tempted at times to spit on my hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. But, I believe in law and order, even though the rule of law is nearly dead. And if its not dead it has surely become perverted in its current form. And I’m a believer in the sanctity of all life, thus, to give in to my temptations would be wrong. But have no doubt, there is a line that once crossed will bring bloodshed. For me there is a point at which if I believe an action is about to be taken that will cause direct harm to me or my loved ones I have no qualms moving to defend them. I believe there is a population who feel the same way. And when this population feels it’s being directly attacked and moves in unison to defend ourselves that will be the beginning of a dark time for our country. I admit, I have great disdain for “the left.” I believe it is the left that caused our country to reach the boiling point it has. I no longer have any desire to “talk” with the left. I refuse to further compromise my beliefs as doing so always results in more losses of my way of life. No, I’m a radical and will stand firm against the coming storm.