People always say that kids are the future. That the next generation is going to be the best, the smartest, the one to fix our problems. If my generation is the one they’re talking about, then I’m terrified for the future.

You see, there are two very different mindsets within Gen Z. You have the unfortunate majority, or at least the side that speaks louder, that leans liberal. These are the people who honestly make me scared for my future. They are naïve and believe anything they see on social media or the news.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you have the conservative leaning youth. Typically, we are told we are stupid, racist, and a long list of other insults. We are told these things simply for the way we believe. Despite the “other side” (because there are two sides, and we are divided) claiming they want equality and freedom to think what they want, if you disagree with them at all you are hated for simply having a different thought. While that may not seem like such a bad thing, things tend to get violent and cruel. You can’t say a single thing without being ridiculed for it.

This is probably why the conservative youth tend to stay quieter. You can’t argue with someone who isn’t going to see the error in their logic, or even agree to disagree.

But, here in the Midwest, you can find the conservative youth. And you can hear what they think. And what they think gives me some hope for my future.

Regarding politics, just like anyone else, we have mixed feelings. I think most of us look at issues on a case by case basis. But, from my own thoughts and observations of other people, we tend to dislike how America seems to think politics are done. If you don’t know what I mean by that, maybe take a look at how the election went, and how the riots over the summer were dealt with.

In our opinion, if you break the law, you are in the wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are “protesting” because you don’t have the right to destroy property and hurt other people. Regarding this past election, we have accepted the outcome and wish President Biden the best, (there is no reason to want him to run America into the ground) but don’t believe he truly won the election. We do believe however, that if investigations about the fraud were taken seriously, there would be a different outcome to the election.

From what I have seen, it looks more and more like the conservative youth have simply learned to pick up the pieces and deal with it. We do our research on things and form our own opinions. We sit quietly, and know what is right.