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Established In January of 2021, American Monitor (AM) is a blog focusing on news and events happening in the United States of America. We monitor and review news and events and provide commentary on how the news and events will affect your daily lives. Topically, we focus on Law Enforcement, Use of Force, Society & Culture, Politics, Rural Living and every now and then, just something to make you laugh. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page and share the news of the site with your friends…

Latest Posts

Secession Grows Near

This article I found on Zero Hedge, points out how something that was once only spoken about by people on the fringes of either political party is now becoming mainstream. If you’re of the opinion that it would never happen, I feel you’re being naive. And we could debate the reasons why secession is growingContinue reading “Secession Grows Near”

Before Civil War: The Breakup

So, let’s say side A has told side B to do “X”. Maybe Side A even throws in an “or else” with their demands. Doesn’t really matter what X is for this discussion. Side B does not comply with Side A’s request. Side B might even respond with, “go ahead and try it.” Side A attempts to force Side B to comply. Side B actively resists, and meets force with force. From this point it’s off to the proverbial races with Civil War.

The Weakening of our Defenders

It could be said now that, many of us sleep uneasily at night because we’re protected by woke social justice warriors who’ve never been exposed to or inflicted violence on anyone. I feel safer just saying that.


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