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Alec Baldwin’s “Maybe” Manslaughter

Alec Baldwin has been charged with manslaughter and many in the pro-gun world are celebrating. Well, my fellow pro-gun people, I think you may be in for a letdown. I am going to play devil’s advocate because frankly, I like the mental exercise…The irony in all of this, is that Alec Baldwin is a vocal…

Wearing Jesus On Your Shirt, And Persecution

did the mall security violate this man’s First Amendment rights? Was this a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination from among other things, your religion? Or was this an issue of private property owners enforcing their rights as owners on their private property?

The Fracture in Our Union

It is better to have more localized control of your life and surroundings than to cede that control to others who are not living in your local world…But for now, consider who is making your decisions. Is it your neighbors and local representatives, or is it a political party far removed from your world? 

Striving for Truth

Notice how it’s much easier to tell someone who holds different views as your own that they are wrong, but we rarely challenge our friends? As a society we need to be better at this. But in our society’s changing times, questioning is seen as a hurtful act and the person questioned often gets offended.


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