Biden Signs Executive Order that Mandates Race Training at Every Level and “Equity” within Government Workforce What this executive order will ultimately do is further the divide between common people and government personnel. It divides between the wokies and the rest of us.

Democrats Blasted As Thousands Of Cops Resign Amid Crime Wave: ‘Taking A Toll On Our Communities’ | The Daily Wire I’ve said for years now that law enforcement is a dying profession. But, this really is most prevalent in big cities ran by “woke” liberals and on the coastal states of the US. Law enforcement is dying off as a profession, and it’s liberals killing it with their poisonous ideology.

‘Of China And For China’: Nike CEO Admits Company Exists To Serve Communist China If you’re still buying products from Nike YOU are without a doubt helping further a communist regimes’ actions. Including genocide and slave labor of the Uyghurs.

Russia Calls America a ‘Liberal Totalitarian State’ with a ‘Monopoly on the Media’ and ‘Irremovability of Oligarchic Elites’ – Big League Politics The irony of Vladimir Putin telling the US that we are a totalitarian regime is priceless. The sad part is that the things he points out about the US are hard to deny. What the hell are we becoming?

Maxine Waters’ ‘get more confrontational’ comment is latest in history of heated rhetoric | Fox News Another example of the left beating conservatives. Waters can incite violence with impunity. Conservatives will scoff and allow her to move on. If a conservative said the same thing, liberals would attack them from multiple fronts. In this way liberals dominate conservatives. If conservatives don’t “up their game” there will be no stopping theContinue reading “Maxine Waters’ ‘get more confrontational’ comment is latest in history of heated rhetoric | Fox News”