I am now more than even concerned about the future of The United States of America – not because of its Citizens, but because of how it is being governed. Our major political parties are firmly in control. And that is not a good thing.

One can argue for hours about the outcome of the 2020 election. It was fair. It was stolen. It sent a resounding sign for the Democrats. It sent a resounding sign for the Republicans. What it tells me is the process is broken.

No longer do I believe that the will of the people is carried out via the ballot box. And I don’t just blame the Democrats for destroying my belief in the process – I blame both parties. We have gone away from any type of reasonable process ensuring voter integrity. ID’s are not required, mail-in ballots are not verified, election precincts not allowing independent monitors during voting and vote tabulation, election disputes dismissed without review. Were these not occurring in my Unites States, I would say this was the election process in a third world country. Do I blame the Democratic Party? Yes. I think there certainly enough to give credence that they have had a hand in this process. But the response – or lack thereof – by the Republican Party certainly tells me they are guilty as well.

So, what do we do? We start over. Will it be easy? No. Has it been tried before? Yes. Will there be resistance? Yes. Are any of these good reasons not to? No.

Why do I feel this way? The most recent case-in-point supporting my decision is the 2nd Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump. While he was acquitted mostly along party lines – certain members of the GOP (along with the entirety of Democrats) are working to ensure he never holds public office again. While my thoughts on Mr. Trump’s political future are a topic for another time, I find this very disconcerting.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are now in a fight to protect their own. Neither party enjoyed their inability to control President Trump. It scared them. They have seen the massive popularity Trump had during the election process, following the election and now during the Impeachment trial. And they are even more afraid. Their end goal is to protect themselves and the establishments that sustain them. Any effort to bring forth new candidates not steeped in political tea will be derailed for the good of the order – not for the good of the American Citizen.

And so we must start now to organize. The tools are available today that weren’t in the past. Via Conservative social media sights, grass root beginnings can quickly grow into a mighty political force. A force large enough to take on the establishment that now controls Washington as well as our state and local governments. With the masses behind it – election integrity can and will be restored, candidates elected who truly will work for their constituents and uphold the Rights given under The Constitution.

How can you participate? Join Conservative social media sights and search for groups willing to take on the challenge. Join the cause and help spread the word. If so inclined – promote yourself as a possible candidate. Unlike the ‘typical’ political process – this needn’t be a money intensive effort. When election time comes – promote these candidates. Challenge your neighbors and friends to really look at the candidates running and examine what the established political parties have actually accomplished. Vote. And when election results don’t ring true – DEMAND ACTION. I’ve stated it before and will again and again and again: A single mouse makes but a mere squeak; a million mice roar!