I find it very disconcerting that some people are willing to roll over and give up the fight when it comes to our rights and freedoms. “I might lose friends.” “It’s just not worth my career.” Or my (least) favorite: “The government is going to win anyway.”

This is not and cannot be the attitude of the American Citizen! We’ve thumbed our nose at adversity since before we were a nation! Now certainly isn’t the time to become cautious and complacent!

I like the featured image (sorry for the quality) of this article – I think it tells the story of the true power we, as Americans have. I interpret this picture as the populous listening to a presenter; this presenter could be a political pundit, politician or social media giant. This presenter is using its vantage point in the pulpit to ‘direct’ the populous in how it should think/act/feel. You will notice that the majority of the populous is “listening”. But there is a lone dissenter; someone willing to break ranks with the mass because he/she doesn’t “buy” the message being preached.

What can one person do? The presenter may or may not notice this person has ‘left’. The populous certainly won’t notice. Or will they?

Take another look at the image. The presenter is supported by the populous only when there is enough mass to support the presenter; without adequate “mass”, the presenter falls. When one dissenter leaves the mass, a tiny ripple can be felt both by the populous and the presenter. If this dissenter is quiet, all that will be felt is a small ripple. But if this dissenter speaks and acts with a rational message that contradicts that of the presenter, there is a very good chance that more will leave – putting the presenter and its ideology more at risk of falling. And if these new dissenters also present a clear and rational message, even more will continue to leave until the “mass” can no longer support the presenter and both fall.

Some of us must be the dissenters. We must speak for what we deem right and call out what we do not. If our message is true and just – others will listen. And follow. And suddenly those that deem to change our country into something we do not want will have lost their following. And their power. All because a single mouse made but a mere squeak that caused a million mice to roar!