Ah, unity isn’t it nice. Now that the election is over, and the meanie is out of office the lefties want us to come together. We’ll all put on rose colored glasses gather around a campfire and sing Kumbaya together. What a load of garbage. This is like a thief who you know stole from you that gets off in court saying he wants to be friends now. Its ridiculous. I know some will say I’m not helping because I’m not saying “lets all get along.” But, how can we get along with people who hold views so opposite of our own. I don’t want to come together with people who say that because I am Caucasian, I can’t possibly understand racism. I don’t want to come together with people who say I can’t travel freely if I don’t take a vaccine that is risky. Never mind that it is a vaccine for virus that I contract I have a better than 90% chance of surviving. I have no desire to come together with people who think that I should give up my right to own firearms and carry them with me; its an issue of self-defense, and I’m not willing to give up my right to self-defense. I have no desire to come together with people who say that President Trump has attempted to or aided in attacks on the United States Capital building. I just can’t come together with people who are that disconnected from reality. Leftists are on full assault on conservatives’ way of life. After the inauguration with all of its Hollywood elites and liberal politicians (you know, the ones whose peer group has been such a bastion of morality with their pedophilia problems and double standards. Epstein’s Pedophile Island ring a bell?) telling us how great things will be, the left will begin a full on assault on conservatives. They will label anyone with a dissenting opinion as being a propagator of “hate speech.” The left will make it virtuous to attack conservatives. They’ll take away your bank accounts (they’ve already done this to President Trump and others). They’ll take away your ability to travel freely. They’ll do all they can to make life as difficult as possible. And if these difficulties make it impossible for you to work and feed your family, that’s all the better to liberals. And soon after they will come after those dissenters as enemies of the state seeking criminal charges against us for conservative thought crimes. Some will say it can’t happen. But, there are those that would have said even a mere 15 years ago that there was no way that the sitting President of the United States of America would be censored, yet here we are. I don’t feel confident that we will do any better in future state and federal elections than we have in the most recent ones. Oh sure, you might get a “republican” elected here and there. But, odds are they will be establishment republicans who are fine with maintaining the status quo of the liberals. If conservatives are to have any chance of not being crushed under the weight of big government and the liberal oligarchy et al, then we need to start pushing back, HARD. There should be no concessions to anything liberals want. Conservatives can no longer sit back and wait for the next election, or the courts to save us. We make it known we will not comply with mandates or laws that are not supported in the constitution (civil disobedience anyone?). I’ll have a series coming soon on how conservatives can start to push back. What actions as a group and as individuals conservatives can start to do that will stop the liberal agenda. Buckle up boys and girls, its going to be a bumpy ride.