Recent events have many people talking about the States breaking up; secession.  Now I’m not advocating for secession. But I put some thought into why the United States of America stays together. For perspective let’s look at reasons why people get divorced.

Falling out of love.

Ah yes, when two lovers just drift apart for whatever reasons it’s hard to stay together. Often, it’s just because the magic is gone. Happens a lot, especially when the newness of the relationship is gone. And after 243 years of the US, it’s fair to say the “newness” of the Union has worn off. Some manage to stay together, but they stay in more of a business relationship at that point. So, perhaps the States have fallen out of love. Doesn’t mean we can’t do business together, but maybe it’s time we went our separate ways. Can we just be friends?

Values have changed.

This could be a novel onto itself. When two people start out, they usually perceive each other to have the same values. The same desires and in many cases the same dislikes. Their beliefs align with one another’s and they move forward together in life. But when those values change it becomes increasingly difficult to stay together. When you find yourself asking, “what the hell are we doing together” on a regular basis that could be a sign of a failing relationship. I mean I’m not a marriage counselor but if my spouse suddenly started showing liberal tendencies, I personally would have to consider separation at minimum. So, when one state wants to pursue new “progressive” and “liberal” programs while other states want to honor their traditions and generational beliefs it may be time to break up.

Disrespectful or demeaning behavior.

If your spouse started to demean you on a regular basis. Calling you stupid and saying you’re not good enough, would probably make any sane person consider whether you wanted to continue the relationship. So, when states like California and New York insult other states. Staying together becomes less and less attractive. For the record, East and West Coast, ya’ll ain’t so hot yourselves. You don’t see morons taking over downtowns in our conservative states and claiming their sovereignty. I swear its like a bunch of kids making a pillow fort in their parent’s house and claiming its off limits to everyone else in the house; childish.

Arguing over money.

Disputes between couples over money have caused more problems than Bill Clinton’s penchant for other women besides his wife (as a sidenote, if I was married to Hillary, I’d probably be doing shady stuff too).  So, when one state wants to do things with money that belongs to other states without the other’s consent it’s a point of contention. Especially when the things they want to use the money for are for something that the other states view as immoral.

Having an affair.

No one likes a cheater. And when we have some states that are making deals with nations whose interests tend to be against the US as a whole, this cheating is grounds for divorce. Hey, you want to make deals with China or Iran, go ahead, but not at our expense.

Control. Spouse trying to control your behavior.

When one state forces its beliefs on another state it historically doesn’t end well. Look its not that we are saying your beliefs and ideals are stupid. We’re just saying we don’t want any part of them.

Unchecked mental disorder.

Oh boy…Yeah, not much to say here. It’s a tragedy when someone you care about goes nuts. To put it into political perspective let’s just say, liberalism is a mental disorder. Enough said on this.

Physical violence.

No one, and I mean no one should have to tolerate violence from their spouse, significant other or friends. Blue states, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but y’all have serious problems with violence. Between murders in Chicago and riots in Portland, liberal states delve out copious amounts of violence. And they seem to just make excuses for the perpetrators like ANTIFA. Maybe it’s battered spouse syndrome. Either way, the rest of the states are tired of the violence. Get that stuff under control or we’re out!

Some will say that this country needs to be in some kind of marriage counseling. Some would way it’s too late for counseling. All I know is the liberal states in this marriage make being single a lot more attractive.