Prairie Fire Coming…

To quote a few words from Clay Martin’s book Prairie Fire…”A forest fire might burn hotter, but nothing on God’s green Earth can match the speed of flames in a sea of three foot tall grass whipped on by sixty to seventy mile-per-hour winds…”

And that folks is what the contributors at American Monitor are…A prairie fire of news and commentary coming hot and fast bringing words of freedom and liberty to the world. I’m excited to say what started out as a crazy idea to start a forum where people could express their mind in the age of censorship is now growing into a full fledged project. American Monitor now has 4 very strong contributors on board that will soon be enlightening you with information. Intelligent, reasonable and articulate would be an understatement describing these people…

If you haven’t already followed AM, what are you waiting for? And if you are following us, stoke the flames of freedom and spread the word!

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