Infuriating COVID-19 ‘stimulus’ bill is loaded with billions in aid… for Sudan, Egypt, Ukraine, and others (

The stimulus package, a mechanism intended to help struggling American’s who have been harmed by the economic challenges brought on by Covid-19. The money for this stimulus comes from us, the citizens of the United States of America. Our sweat equity is essentially on the hook to pay off the debt. And at current the cost to the U.S. Citizens is ranging in the TRILLIONS of dollars. So why then does the stimulus bill include billions in aid… for Sudan, Egypt, Ukraine, and others? I’m not against helping other countries. But, other countries getting aid needs to be separate from a stimulus package meant to help the U.S. citizenry. More to follow on this in our Sunday edition. Until then maybe look for a second job, because you’re going to need them to pay your taxes that will be headed up.