America First, many people take offense to this term because they feel it is racist or xenophobic. Those people are wrong. It is not either racist or xenophobic. Let me give you an analogy of the concept applied in another scenario. When you fly in an airline they give you a safety briefing before taking flight.  In this briefing they tell you, if there’s an emergency and you lose cabin pressure that an oxygen mask will come from the ceiling in front of you. You are then instructed to put your own mask on first before helping anyone else. I suppose if you’re a liberal you just expect the government to show up throw a binky in your mouth and make everything better.

So is it that the airlines don’t believe in helping other people? Of course not, the theory is that if you try to help someone else before you make sure that you’re safe you both end up dying. It’s the same concept with America First. How can we be the shining beacon of freedom to the world if we can’t even help ourselves? It has nothing to do with people not wanting to help others.  It’s really a very sound practice.

The stronger we are because we protect ourselves will allow the United States to continue helping other countries. To continue lifting people out of poverty and continue giving freedom to the world.