Why Conservatives Lose

Year after year issues arise in society, often divided along a conservative-liberal line. The health of a society could be said to be how fairly these issues are handled.  Right now our society is struggling because we are not being fair. Instead, we’re allowing childish at best, greedy at worst, elements to have their way at the cost of others. And that’s not fair. More to the point is one side continues fighting until they get their way, and the other side acquiesces. Often this acquiescence is done under the guise of compromise. The situation is worsened when one side takes up the philosophy of “the end justifies the means” as many leftists have.

An early example of this was the 2011, Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. A group of people we’re allowed to take up residence in a public park. This was viewed by many as an act of Civil Disobedience for the purpose of protesting income inequality. Certainly, there is a place for Civil Disobedience in our society. However, for it to be meaningful the people committing the disobedient act should have to face the punishment due. The people who used Civil Disobedience to fight for Civil Rights are an example of this. They risked their personal safety and freedom to protest. And in the end the Civil Rights protestors brought about positive change. Contrasting this, the Occupy Wall Street protests were allowed to continue for over two months with little or no consequence to the participants. Some might say Occupy Wall Street was a bunch of spoiled brats camping in a park partying every night). And if you asked what change the Occupy Wall Street protest brought about, I believe most would be hard pressed to give an answer.

An event in more recent times was the Dakota Access Pipeline protest in North Dakota. A group was protesting the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This group interfered with the people trying to build the pipeline. And by interfere, I mean vandalized equipment, tampered with infrastructure that put people’s lives at risk, and fought with law enforcement who were there to keep the peace. The end result that has come much later was the pipeline being shut down. And just so you all understand what that means; you pay more for fuel, period.

In both scenarios above the amount of grassroots organizing that the left exhibited was remarkable. Its amazing that they can garner that many people to assemble for the lengths of time they do. There is some truth in saying conservatives can’t do the same because most have jobs to go to. Maybe if we just protest a few hours after work? But not too late, I gotta get up early for work.

Both of the former events are contrasted by what happened when President Kamala Harris, oh I mean President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. When this happened thousands of pipeline workers were suddenly out of a job. And their protests were monumental! Just kidding, they hardly protested at all. Pipeliners, being the kind of people they are packed up their things and went home. And the next day instead of filling out unemployment paperwork the pipeliners started looking for work. Besides, the pipeliners don’t have the support networks set up to do what the liberal protestors do.

A different kind of example of the left beating the right is how conservative subject matter is handled on social media platforms. YouTube is well known for demonetizing conservative people on its site. And they’re smart to do so if you look at it from a tactical perspective. Why would you allow your enemy to put out information that goes against your beliefs or challenges your position? If a conservative platform did the same to liberals, I believe we’d have the main-stream media running stories of discrimination. I’ve heard many conservatives say we wouldn’t discriminate against opposing views because we want the “moral high ground.” OK, but that moral high ground is being excavated out from under you and you don’t seem to do much about it. You’re still posting content to Facebook and YouTube. This is the equivalent to giving them money. And, with your money they fund the groups that are attacking your conservative way of life. They’re going to bury you with that “moral high ground” excavated from under your feet.

In all of these cases, the protestors had support networks. Networks that donate hard cash, give food, and provide shelter, enabling them to keep the protests going. They even have legal defense funds set up to pay for attorneys when they occasionally do get arrested. And here’s where it gets really twisted. YOU, my conservative friends paid for them! This may come as a shock but when major corporations like Walmart, Target, EA Games, the NFL and ETSY are donating millions to the causes of these liberal protestors they’re doing it because you give them your money. And that money gives them the profits to hand over to these groups. So, remember when these liberals get their way and laws are enacted that restrict your rights, or pushes for taxes that you have to pay, YOU supported them. 

Liberals have vast networks and a huge will to get their way at any cost. As a group conservatives have to start refusing to “aid and abet” the enemy. Yes, this means you may have some inconveniences to deal with. It means you might not be able to find super cheap goods in Walmart or watch videos on YouTube. Or is all of that worth your freedom? Because that’s what is at stake. At some point conservatives will realize that acquiescing to the machinations of liberals will only bring more harm. Wake up America.