Hello AM followers. I’d say fans, but I know there’s some haters out there too. Its been a while since I’ve put anything out. But, there’s some stories coming down the pipe that will be big. Today, we’re taking about the BANNING of mask mandates.

As of this writing, the States of Texas and Utah have passed legislation prohibiting mask mandates. And freedom loving people everywhere are rejoicing because of it! I can see this building momentum in other states as we move ahead.

One of the arguments on the mask issue comes down to responsibility. People who want to force people to wear masks are essentially transferring the responsibility for their safety onto others. These same people try to push a narrative that a cloth mask worn indoors is somehow useful. It is not. Sure, you can go down the road of dueling studies and bodies of research, but at this point most people have made up their minds on the issue. But, to give you an analogy of how useful a cloth mask is for stopping Covid-19, it’s like using a car grill as a screen door. Sure, it’ll stop some stuff, but essentially its useless. Maybe not as useless as the liberals pushing for the mandates, but close.

The irony is how many people who were “pro-mask” through this sarcastically told people who didn’t want to wear a mask that they should just stay home. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. You don’t want to be around people who aren’t wearing masks, stay home. And yes, I’m saying that as sarcastically as I can. And you know what the big difference is? The anti-mask side allows more freedom. If you want to wear a mask, wear it, no law says you can’t. You just can’t force someone else to. I think somewhere around this point we’re supposed to say we won’t judge you for wearing a mask. But who am I kidding? If you decide to wear a mask after the mandates are lifted it will simply show your true colors on things. That’s ok, wear that mask like the badge of honor that the idiot politicians and social justice warriors pushing the mandates for them think they are. Personally, I think it helps identify the liberals hiding among us.

I would encourage people to push their state’s lawmakers to pass legislation similar to Texas and Utah’s for banning masks. Some would say I’m being a bit uncivil with all of this. Perhaps. But I’ll tell you this, I’m sick and tired of taking the high road as a conservative and allowing liberals to continually take away my freedoms, dare I say take away my rights. As conservatives we should not give one more inch. Draw a line in the sand and allow no further encroachment of liberal lunacy.

I’ll leave you with a couple comments. Those that would force you to wear a mask would seemingly have very little responsibility for their own safety and perhaps a bit of cowardice. For me, I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery. Bonus points if you know the origin of that last quote.