Racism is one of the more controversial topics I’ve chosen to write about. I’ve been mostly silent on it until now. But I’ve watched the enemies of humanity weaponize race by way of Critical Race Theory (CRT), and I will be silent no more. I never thought I’d live in a world where my kids would face bigger racism issues than I saw when I was a child. What is more disturbing as of late is the lies and disingenuous tone race discussions have taken in the United States.

Before we get into the material lets clarify a term used in this article. White. For purposes of this writing, white refers to people of European descent. I realize people often interchange the term Caucasian for white when speaking of race. Makes you wonder why they don’t just simplify and recognize we’re all human and that human is our race, but I digress. If you really want to get technical about what race is, quit reading this article and go peruse some anthropology websites or something.  

I want to dispel a few lies being told by the proponents of Critical Race Theory. These people are truly the most racist people of our time. One of the worst lies I’ve ever heard is that if you are white you are inherently racist. This claim is usually propped up by advocates of CRT by saying whites are unconsciously racist. This claim would simply be laughed at for being ridiculous and easily dismissed if their was not so much hatred embedded in it. I am saying this to dispel the lie that if you’re white, you are inherently racist. If you are someone who believes all whites are inherently racist, YOU are the problem. Maybe you people believing this can start a club with other racists who believe asinine statements like, all Mexicans are lazy, or all blacks are thieves. These lies should infuriate you as they are sickening on their face. As sickening as “all whites are racist.”

Next ridiculous statement is that the United States has  a major issue with systemic racism. I don’t even need to justify this statement with an argument. It’s an abject lie. Are there racist people in the United States? Absolutely. Are they of such great numbers as to be able to perpetuate a society rife with systemic racism? Absolutely not. And again if you believe there is systemic racism, YOU are the problem.

Next issue is the rewriting of history. CRT would have you believe the US War for Independence was fought with slavery as a major issue of contention. Again, this would be ludicrous, if it wasn’t so offensive. Maybe that’s just my “white rage,” talking.

Which brings us to our next asinine assertion by the critical race crowd. White Rage. The CRT crowd uses the term White Rage to discredit the arguments of whites who object to the insanity they are spewing from their ignorant mouths.  I get irritated, possibly enraged on occasion when I’m accosted with lies. Especially lies that serve to demean or harm others simply because of the color of their skin. But, I have no rage simply due to my race. That is just ignorant to think. If you believe in the CRT meaning of White Rage, YOU are the problem.

 It’s painfully obvious that race baiters are using race issues to foment the worst in all of us. I fully believe the enemies of the United States are in full support of CRT because they know it ultimately breaks the bonds we as Americans have built up over years. Years of struggle and learning. Years of making positive changes in how people are viewed in our society. This country has come a long ways since its inception and is the most inclusive country in the world.

In the end there may be a race war. But, it won’t be a war between whites and people of color. It will be between, useful idiots of the race baiting enemies of America who are too stupid to see truth and people not willing to take a knee to the  tyrannical machinations of the idiots.