I often get asked what side police would be on if there was a civil war in the United States. The questions is impossible to give a binary answer to. But, let me give you this story out of Seattle as food for thought. Police in the United States and all over the world for that matter, do tend to have some commonalities. But, there are liberal police and conservative police. Some police are fierce supporters of the US Constitution and some are not. Even with that simplification, what one person sees as a constitutional violation another may not. In the event that the United States fell into civil war (which I don’t believe will happen) then you’ll have some police go one way and other police take another stance. It’ll never be as simple as police go here, non-police go there. But, when you see what police in liberal cities like Seattle have done, it can lead you to believe that they would not be the most ardent supporters of conservative ideals.