Many people are watching the events play out in Ukraine and feel that Ukriane’s military stands a chance against Russia. It doesn’t. And many are thinking Ukraine may become another Afghanistan for Russia. It won’t (those of us old enough to have lived during the Cold War will better understand the relationship of Russia and Afghanistan). A more apt analogy is that Ukraine is going to be likened to the 300 Spartans who valiantly died fighting the might of the Persian empire. Bravery alone won’t save you’re life but it could make you legendary. And from what I’ve seen so far, Ukraine has an abundance of bravery.

The situation in Ukraine was created by political failures and miscalculations by the western world since at least the early 90’s. Most people only see Russia the bully, invading the diminutive Ukraine. And Russia is being somewhat of a bully.

And the people who think NATO should intervene in this war are clearly checkers players who don’t understand this is much more of a chess match. Even an accidental move by Russia or NATO right now could genuinely start World War 3, complete with nukes flying.

I feel like this is the scene in Taken where Liam Neeson tells his daughter she’s about to be taken. Only its the western world telling Ukraine, you’re about to be taken.