Disgust. That is what I have for liberals who over at least the last 40 years have moved this country into a position of weakness. It is you liberals who now threaten the future of my children. I go over the news and see stories about war and the use of nuclear weapons. I’m old enough to remember the Cold War. Oddly, people keep saying we’re back in a Cold War footing with Russia. I would say we’ve been in a Cold War with Russia, and its allies for the last 30 years. Now we are on the precipice of a “hot war.”

It was you liberals who because of your incessant whining about the destruction of the environment, which by the way was not happening, made the United States weaker by restricting our ability to power our country. You said people who wanted to continue using fossil fuels we’re evil (don’t deny it, you know you did). But you morons, you, “greenies” in your short-sighted views, neglected to realize that your solar and wind power was not, what’s the word you love to use, SUSTAINABLE! Thus, crippling the United States. And to pour salt on the wound you still buy oil from countries who are now attacking other countries…You liberals did this, you funded the war machine of the Russians.

It was you liberals who after Martin Luther King jr. and others fought to make the United States the most inclusive country in the world attacked and perverted their legacy. Saying that people who were white were racist by virtue of the color of their skin. As I look into my children’s eyes, who I know have no hate or racists thoughts in them, am saddened to think people would be so evil as to say they do.

It was you liberals who pushed so hard for tolerance. But that tolerance soon became indifference to the plight of other. Oh sure, you paid lip service, saying you care. But your actions have hurt countless people and put many more in danger. And once your tolerance became indifference, violence erupted. ANTIFA, BLM and their supporters; it was you liberals who created these monsters.

It was you liberals who showed disregard for law and order in the elections of 2020. Just because you have a sympathetic (more accurately, complicit) mainstream media saying the elections were legitimate does not make it so. You liberals cheated. We know it, you know it, and you’ll be sorry for it in the long run.

Now I’ll switch things around. Oh, you Republicans were probably reading up to this point cheering things on. You feckless false conservatives are no better. You’re simply the other head of a two headed snake.

You had ample time to make substantive changes to laws. You have had a constituency begging for strong leadership. But what do we get instead? Hollow words. You put on shows, using the floor of the senate and congress as a stage. Whipping up furor with conservatives who want change. You false conservatives are no better than liberals encouraging ANTIFA or BLM to riot. In the end, nothing changes and no one except perhaps some poor pawns in the system are held accountable.

You false conservatives claim to want to secure our borders. You use immigration as an issue to keep people divided. News flash, most true conservatives have zero problem with immigration. You false conservatives encourage your constituents to support a border wall on our Southern border. What a joke. You could shut illegal immigration down overnight if you enforced laws prohibiting businesses from hiring people who are in the country illegally. Yeah, we hear the rhetoric, fear mongering and hate, but many of us are seeing through it now. If we need, and it’s a big “if,” more immigrants in the country for some reason, then give them a legal route to do it. Allowing them to sneak in then turning a blind eye to it is sickening.

People are getting fed up with either side of political spectrum. Politicians on both sides work to keep us divided. Our current system has become almost completely dysfunctional. Instead of having elected representatives, we have a ruling class. An oligarchy who does as they choose without penalty. The average person who normally has been quiet about things. The average person who didn’t want to make waves and spoke in politically correct terms had better wake up and see the bad direction this country is going. It won’t be long before someone says, instead of WW3, maybe we’d be better off with CW2.