Why get involved? Why have to interact with anyone? Especially people you have disagreements with? These are fair questions. If you make it to the end of this article, I think you’ll understand the reasons why not getting involved could cause you to lose your freedom, your home, and your way of life. 

I grew up in “Rural America.” A place where farmland and cattle ranches spread across the countryside that I called home. I dare say that the people who lived in the area would have considered themselves political moderates. Moderates, mainly because they wouldn’t want to offend anyone by imposing their will on them. These people were kind and welcoming to visitors but kept to themselves, living on farms and ranches far removed from the “big cities.” Working when the sun came up and sleeping when it sat. 

This sounds like a peaceful way of life, because it is. I have long since moved away from my childhood home. People often ask if I want to go home. My response is always the same, my home was destroyed by liberal causes and no longer exists as it was.  At first glance, this may seem like an exaggeration. Indeed, the place I grew up still physically exists, but it isn’t the same.

Because the area was so kind and welcoming, people from the surrounding metropolitan areas started to take up residency in the rural towns. There is a certain irony, in that the people who moved from the cities usually moved because they were leaving something they thought was bad where they were from. Yet, they started to want things to change in their adopted homes to be like the places they came from. So many moved that it started to change the feel of the area. At first it was cute, I remember the first time I saw a tour bus stop in our small city’s historic downtown. As I drove by looking at them from the patrol car (I was a small town cop) they actually took pictures, as if the car was a novelty.

And here’s how your home starts to change, how things get destroyed. How it changes from a peaceful existence to a dysfunctional, unsafe, disaster ruled by people with very little attachment to the area; by people who have no reverence for the ways and traditions of the area. Worse, they resent the people in it. One of the traits that was absent from most rural Americans is that urbanites got involved in things…lots of things. Everything from school boards, zoning boards, local non-profit organizations, to county supervisory boards. These people from urban places tended to be very liberal in their views. And these idiots who had left their former homes because of drugs, robberies, violence, and other urban blight issues started to push the same liberal causes, programs, and agendas that caused what they tried to escape. 

Yet, they urbanites continued their march to “progress.” And before long you have an all out culture war between rural Americans and urbanites. And as much as you would think they would seek to assimilate with their new homes in the country, they didn’t. Soon they pushed their politics and beliefs whenever they had the chance. The freedoms that rural Americans enjoyed started to get chipped away, one tiny decision at a time. Everywhere from PTA boards to county supervisor decisions, one by one they passed policies and made laws to change the rural area they infested into the blue hives of liberalism they left. 

You might be thinking, how could this happen? Why didn’t people challenge these crazy liberal things?  And you might be saying that the elected representatives should have “represented.” They tried. But the bigger failure falls on the community when they fail to step up civilly. I said before, one of the problems with rural Americans is that they don’t feel like getting involved. Even attending small meetings to express their viewpoints seems to be a bridge too far. Oh, they often find the time to gripe and complain in their local coffee shops, but actually going to make their voice heard where it counts just doesn’t happen. Maybe they can tell their grandchildren how they raised hell at the local bar or coffee shop, revelling about the outsiders changing everything…As they watch the place they called home fall apart, into a condition far beyond hope of recovering to the place it once was. 

If you’re a rural American who watches the evening news and is disgusted with the crime, the violence, the lack of apparent morals or decency in some of the big cities: GET INVOLVED in your local area. Be it a small advisory board or running for a county supervisor seat. You must have your voice heard. And even if you aren’t compelled to be the representative for your fellow rural Americans, for God’s sake support them in their battles. They are fighting hard to keep a way of life that our enemies have no respect for. But, what they see is a flood of liberals yelling at them, scorning them, laughing at them while no one is there to support them. I can’t imagine how lonely it is to be fighting for what’s right and have no support. I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Might seem over the top now, but when the place you call home is destroyed because people did nothing, you may feel different.