So, you’re young, pissed off at the liberal commies invading your neighborhood and you want to do something about it. News flash for you. If your area has ANTIFA and BLM openly marching in the streets, you’re too late to save that AO.

Let me explain this. Take Portland for instance. ANTIFA and BLM have had total control in that area for quite some time now. Yet you hear stories of conservative groups setting up rallies and counter-protests in Portland. Folks, you’re in enemy controlled territory there. Some would say a place like Portland is a lost cause. But, let’s war-game this a bit. So you go to Portland and you get into an altercation with ANTIFA/BLM. Even if you beat them down physically, chances are you’re going to jail. If you’re lucky, the idiot ANTIFA member you beat up also goes to jail. Here’s where things go south quick. The courts in the enemy territory are very friendly to ANTIFA. The most likely scenario is the ANTIFA member will be released with no charges filed and you, being the conservative hate mongering racist you are [heavy sarcasm intended] will probably sit in jail a bit longer, and be released with charges filed. ANTIFA wins in the long game due to scenarios like that. The conservative side gets weakened and ANTIFA gets released to fight another day. Hell even if charges are filed against the ANTIFA member they literally have legal defense funds set up to help them out, complete with providing a warm meal and ride home once they get released. This is stupid. Quit sacrificing yourselves in these Blue Hives. It’s the same scenario in Washington DC too. And if you’re still so naïve as to believe DC is neutral ground for all citizens, you’re very behind the curve.

Let me dispel the idea that I’m retreating in a cowardly fashion from places like Portland or DC. That’s not it. There’s a lot written in warfare manuals about where to fight. I can tell you fighting where you are at a disadvantage is not a good idea.

As a contrast to this out look at what has happened when ANTIFA/BLM have come up with the bright idea of venturing into some more conservative areas. Case in point; Placerville California, a small town to the east of Sacramento. About 5 months ago some liberal protestors thought they would March down the streets there. The end results here were quite different. Local law enforcement were sympathetic to the conservative residents who opposed the marchers. And some might go so far as to say the local law enforcement was supportive of the people standing against the marchers. This scenario has also played out in places like Dickinson North Dakota. There BLM protestors were being brought in to protest. Before the protest could even get off the ground the locals gathered en masse with the expressed intent of protecting local residents or businesses from any harm. Same situation happened in Cour De Lane Idaho as well. In all of the conservative towns that put up a united front harm or damage was either minimal or non-existent.

Are we seeing a pattern yet? We conservatives have already lost ground in some areas like Portland, DC and other Blue Hive cities. Maybe someday we can go back in and repatriate those areas. But for now, conservatives need to focus their efforts in the defense of our “homeland” for lack of better term. Once we establish a “Red Wall” of conservative defense, then we can consider movement into enemy held territory.

Another things I want to clarify. Some will say my words sound militaristic and incite violence. Or that I’m a radical because of my views. I actually have a few words on that in another article I wrote that talks about what is considered a radical. But, using flowery, politically correct language to confront an enemy that is set to do you harm is stupid. If that causes you to be recoil in the horror of my harsh language all I can say is, you need to harden up.

Rural America, you have the responsibility to be the red wall.