Rittenhouse Case and “Red vs Blue” mindset

So, it comes down to, what society do you want to live in? One where people band together to stop violence and destruction or one where the violent rioters are seen as the innocent and those that would stop them are deemed evil?

Democrats Blasted As Thousands Of Cops Resign Amid Crime Wave: ‘Taking A Toll On Our Communities’ | The Daily Wire

https://www.dailywire.com/news/democrats-blasted-as-thousands-of-cops-resign-amid-crime-wave-taking-a-toll-on-our-communities I’ve said for years now that law enforcement is a dying profession. But, this really is most prevalent in big cities ran by “woke” liberals and on the coastal states of the US. Law enforcement is dying off as a profession, and it’s liberals killing it with their poisonous ideology.