The Rittenhouse case is over, and it shows the ever growing divide in our society. While I find it hard for anyone who has watched the trial coverage to see Kyle Rittenhouse as having committed a crime, there is a large segment of the population that think just that.

While I understand people may not comprehend the laws surrounding the case, it’s the sentiment that is telling of things. This young man named Kyle Rittenhouse felt compelled to go into a city where riots were happening to try and help the business owners and citizens of Kenosha. And if you’re of the group of people who call the people in Kenosha who were burning businesses and breaking things protestors, you’re part of the problem.

What if, instead, more people took action and went to Kenosha to protect businesses and help people. Imagine, for a minute, that the people wanting to protect things outnumbered the rioters. What a different world we’d be in. It is this mindset that a person like Kyle who went to help is the bad guy and the people rioting are being virtuous that is ruining this country. A certain Bible verse comes to mind Isaiah 5:20, look it up, it’ll be good for you.

Another thing that stands out to me in this whole case is the people who seem to think Kyle instigated people into attacking him. Again, maybe these folk’s ignorance is from simply not following the facts of the case (easy to happen if you just listen to CNN or other liberal propaganda sources; talk about instigators).  Kyle was attacked, plain and simple. He was even in retreat from the people who were attacking him. Frankly, his case can be used to teach proper use of force as it was nearly a perfect use of it.

Finally, for anyone that says the Rittenhouse case is in any way a racially motivated one, is an idiot. As another person has said, “a white kid, shoots three white guys and it’s a black issue? Sorcery right there.”

It is these perverted mindsets of the left that is causing the Blue cities of the US to devolve into war zones. Chicago and Portland are two poignant examples of liberal ideology destroying society. And it is these perverted mindsets of the left that will further fracture the United States. Anecdotally, I know of a couple Red states where terroristic groups like Antifa and BLM have threatened to riot (lets call it what it is folks, we’re far beyond truly peacefully protesting these days) but they were met with equal or GREATER numbers of citizens willing to protect their communities. In those instances, little or no damage occurred. We need more of the Red State mindset in the United States.

So, it comes down to, what society do you want to live in? One where people band together to stop violence and destruction or one where the violent rioters are seen as the innocent and those that would stop them are deemed evil?