The dangerous trend behind Officer Kim Potter’s conviction  

As I watch officers convicted of criminal acts in liberal cities across the country it furthers my belief that those communities will reap what they sow. As the citizens and courts in those liberal cities continue to persecute officers for doing their jobs, less of “their job” will those officers do. And the cascading effect of that is that more crime will ensue.

But where will this take society? Liberal cities, the “Blue hives” of the United States will continue to devolve. As the officers who were tasked with holding the line leave in droves for locales with more reasonable citizenry, these blue hives will have no one to protect the people there from gangs and mobs. Some of the citizens may try to step up to fill the void left by the absence of law enforcement. And when incidents arise out of that, those people like the officers that tried to defend them before leaving, will be prosecuted for their efforts. No good deed will go unpunished.

Soon the citizens that can flee, will. Those left behind will be left in a dystopian hell. Once this point is reached, getting law and order back will be near impossible. As these locales will now lack the means to fund policing.

The lesson here is for the more middle of the road cities across the US. The hard red cities are somewhat insulated to the types of mistakes made in the Blue Hives. But, for the middle of the road cities, lines in the sand must be drawn. Stop the liberal creep towards lawlessness. Otherwise the conservative tendency to want to be fair, to be accepting and open to compromise will be its undoing. To use a metaphor, allowing liberal ideologies are like letting the camel’s nose into the tent. Soon it will be in the tent and the tent is no more.