This article I found on Zero Hedge, points out how something that was once only spoken about by people on the fringes of either political party is now becoming mainstream.

If you’re of the opinion that it would never happen, I feel you’re being naive. And we could debate the reasons why secession is growing nearer. Some may say it’s being fomented by foreign actors intent on breaking up the United States (wonder where other governments learned that trick). Either way, the course is set. What I don’t understand is why people think this is the equivalent of the end of the world. Do we not have countries on our borders that we’re not “enemies” with? Why can’t it be that if States of the United States secede, they be treated like Canada, or Mexico? We don’t have to immediately have a war with each other.

The article does point out some of the financial pitfalls that may come with a break up of the United States. And that point alone shows the maturation of this secession idea in the United States. We’re actually contemplating how it will work.

I believe in the end the break up is going to happen. If it comes with violence that will be brought on by the left. Groups like Antifa and BLM. I’ve written another article giving some other reasons for a National Divorce,