‘National Divorce scenario’: Marjorie Taylor Greene floats tax and voting penalties for those fleeing blue states | Washington Examiner

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/national-divorce-scenario-marjorie-taylor-greene-floats-tax-and-voting-penalties-for-those-fleeing-blue-states I’ve written about this topic a few times in the past. Seems to be gaining momentum. Wonder why? Here’s the link to a previous article I wrote about the subject of national divorce. https://americanmonitor.org/2021/01/23/considering-national-divorce/

Conservatives must be ready to deal with Democrats cheating in the 2022 midterms – American Thinker

https://tiny.iavian.net/1jfps This article puts forth a lot of hard realities that conservatives are going to have to face. Very little has been done to ensure elections can’t be stolen. And absent that happening the future is kind of bleak. But hey, the good news is that if you’re one of those people who likes vacationingContinue reading “Conservatives must be ready to deal with Democrats cheating in the 2022 midterms – American Thinker”

Rittenhouse Case and “Red vs Blue” mindset

So, it comes down to, what society do you want to live in? One where people band together to stop violence and destruction or one where the violent rioters are seen as the innocent and those that would stop them are deemed evil?

Secession Grows Near

This article I found on Zero Hedge, points out how something that was once only spoken about by people on the fringes of either political party is now becoming mainstream. If you’re of the opinion that it would never happen, I feel you’re being naive. And we could debate the reasons why secession is growingContinue reading “Secession Grows Near”

Before Civil War: The Breakup

So, let’s say side A has told side B to do “X”. Maybe Side A even throws in an “or else” with their demands. Doesn’t really matter what X is for this discussion. Side B does not comply with Side A’s request. Side B might even respond with, “go ahead and try it.” Side A attempts to force Side B to comply. Side B actively resists, and meets force with force. From this point it’s off to the proverbial races with Civil War.

Biden Signs Executive Order that Mandates Race Training at Every Level and “Equity” within Government Workforce

https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/biden-signs-executive-order-mandates-race-training-every-level-equity-within-government-workforce/ What this executive order will ultimately do is further the divide between common people and government personnel. It divides between the wokies and the rest of us.

Democrats Blasted As Thousands Of Cops Resign Amid Crime Wave: ‘Taking A Toll On Our Communities’ | The Daily Wire

https://www.dailywire.com/news/democrats-blasted-as-thousands-of-cops-resign-amid-crime-wave-taking-a-toll-on-our-communities I’ve said for years now that law enforcement is a dying profession. But, this really is most prevalent in big cities ran by “woke” liberals and on the coastal states of the US. Law enforcement is dying off as a profession, and it’s liberals killing it with their poisonous ideology.

‘Of China And For China’: Nike CEO Admits Company Exists To Serve Communist China

https://thefederalist.com/2021/06/25/of-china-and-for-china-nike-ceo-admits-company-exists-to-serve-communist-china/ If you’re still buying products from Nike YOU are without a doubt helping further a communist regimes’ actions. Including genocide and slave labor of the Uyghurs.